Who are we and what will you find at Tenemosmesa.com?

Tenemosmesa.com, through this website, offers a free service that allows you to reserve restaurants online. In Tenemosmesa.com you will find a wide range of restaurants of different kinds and sorted by city in which you will be able to reserve your table. In addition, our booking system is 100% reliable and your only contact details are used to carry out the requested table.


What kind of restaurants are there in Tenemosmesa.com?

In Tenemosmesa.com you will find a wide selection of premises including from traditional bars with daily menus to restaurants of haute cuisine with nouvelle cuisine suggestions. Each of the establishments proposed on the website appears with a card that offers you details about the premises with information about the type of cuisine, price, service... All these, so that you have the necessary data before making your reservation.


How are the restaurants selected?

To include the restaurants that you'll find in Tenemosmesa.com only a single criterion has been followed: quality. None of the restaurants that we offer pay no cost in exchange for appearing on our website or obtain advantages when it comes to appear in top positions during the search.


How can we find a restaurant in Tenemosmesa.com?

To find a restaurant to your liking and the area of your choice is very easy. You just have to fill in the small form which you will find at the top left of the screen.

In the box "Where", you must include the name of the city in which you want to search a restaurant, even you can find the closest establishments to your position by clicking on "Near me". Don't forget to click on "search" so that the search is carried out.

You can also find a restaurant depending on availability during a specific date or time. To do so, enter the data of the desired date in the box with the calendar drawing and fill in the box with the drawing of the hourglass the chosen schedule. Once completed, you can click on "search" and wait for the results.

The last search option of Tenemosmesa.com is by type of establishment. You can choose in the drop-down "type" between different types of restaurants and gastronomy and then press "search" to discover the establishments that offer this type of cuisine.

Of course, you can fill in all fields to refine much more the search.


Is the booking immediately processed via the website or should I wait for confirmation from the restaurant?

When you've chosen a restaurant and filled the reservation data, this will be transferred to the establishment immediately, without having to get back in touch with it. However, in the majority of cases, the restaurant will contact you to confirm that the booking is correct and that the chosen day and time are possible. For this reason, it is very important that the contact details that you have written on the booking form are truthful, since the reserve will not be effective until the restaurant notify you so via email.


I have not received a confirmation email of the restaurant. What can I do?

Have you looked in your SPAM or junk mail folder? Check that you have not received the email in any of these folders. If a reasonable response time is passed, once verified, and you have not received the email; please contact us so that we can check if there have been any problem with the booking.


Can't find a restaurant that you like? Make a proposal.

If you have searched among the restaurants in Tenemosmesa.com and you cannot see one of your favourites, there is no problem, contact us and make us your proposal and we will contact the establishment to suggest it to be part of our gastronomic guide.